Win Redbox movies for a year!

  <– Click here to go to the contest entry page!


Redbox is a lifesaver.  Seriously.  Between movies and video games, they always have something to keep my four children from getting bored.  Plus, it’s so easy to use.  I have the app on my iPhone 4S (click ***HERE*** for the app), and can search movies and video games from wherever I am, then find a nearby Redbox that has it in stock.  To top that off, I can RESERVE the item at the location of my choosing then head over to pick it up.  And I can do this at ANY time of the day or night – no more rushing to the video store to return something before they close, or waiting outside for them to open up in the morning, or trying to fit a quick trip over there into a lunch hour from work.  Fast, easy, and convenient.  I can even rent and return movies when out of town!  Once, while driving to Florida, the kids started arguing; I simply pulled off the expressway and went to the nearest Redbox, where they chose a couple of movies.  It kept them quiet for the rest of the eight-hour drive, and I was able to return the movies at our destination in Orlando.  


As part of the Summer Solstice Giveaway Hop I blogged about earlier, Roasted Beanz is offering a full year of Redbox movies to one lucky winner.  If I’m reading correctly, that’s 26 movies, one every two weeks.  Just click on the Redbox logo above to be taken to the giveaway page on Roasted Beanz, and complete the tasks on the RaffleCopter.  There are not as many tasks as in other giveaways, which is nice.  Good luck!  While you’re there, be sure to poke around the Roasted Beanz blog and show them some love!


NOTE:   I am not in any way affiliated with Redbox, Roasted Beanz, or Facebook.  I am not in any way associated with this giveaway or review.  I have received no compensation, financial or otherwise, for posting this information.


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