A Quick Trip to Walmart Today

Last night another blog, Grocery Shop For Free, had posted some new deals at Walmart.  I decided to take advantage of a few of them today, and pulled some coupons out of the pile (haven’t gotten around to restocking my binder yet).  I was a bit disappointed when I actually went, because a couple of the things that were supposed to be on sale were NOT on sale.  I may try a different Walmart tomorrow though; I’ve found that, among the three Walmart stores I have within ten minutes of my house, there can be a wide variance in pricing and in sale items.  Armed with my coupons (plus a few extra ones for things I need), I went off to the store this afternoon.  The first item on my list, Bayer Aspirin, the store did NOT have in the 20-count bottles, which would have been a $0.78 money-maker (sale price $2.22; coupon was for $3/1).  However, they did have 24-count bottles for $2.97, so I still ended up a tiny bit ahead; just not as far ahead as I’d anticipated.  


I then went off to the baby care aisle to find Huggies wipes; I had a coupon, but nothing was on sale and they didn’t even have the smaller packs.  Back into the purse went the Huggies coupon, to be used another day (maybe at Target tomorrow; I have a coupon for Gold Bond Powder and it makes the travel-size FREE).  Pet care came next; I had coupons for three different dog treats.  Waggin Train Dog Treats were SUPPOSED to be on sale but were not, so I stashed those coupons away for another time.  Neither of the other two dog treats (Pupperoni and Milk Bone) were on sale, so I put those coupons away as well.


Off to beverages.  My store has the juice aisle right by pet care, and the soda is at the back of the store, right before Subway and dairy; but both sections were close to each other.  I first went to get some Crystal Light Mocktails – can I tell you, the Mojito Mocktail is to DIE for, even my super-picky son LOVES it – and they are priced at $2.68.  That is about $2 LESS than my local grocery stores.  With my $2/1 coupons I got from the Crystal Light Facebook page, I got each one for $0.68.  In the soda aisle, Dr. Pepper was supposed to be on sale but was showing regular price.  So I skipped that coupon as well.


Then household cleaning supplies, which is an aisle over from soda.  You would THINK the store would have ALL of the beverages in adjacent aisles, and maybe put household cleaning supplies by pet care; but no, that makes too much sense.  Let’s split it all up and make people run around like chickens with their heads cut off… ANYWAY, Brillo pads were another item that was supposed to be on sale – but all Brillo products (what few there were) were regular price.  Another coupon back into my purse.  Now the baking aisle, where I was searching for Louisiana Fish Fry breading.   Walmart was supposed to have it priced at $1.42, but it was more like $1.98 (can’t remember the exact price, sorry).  So I chose to skip that one as well.  Dole Pineapple Slices were in the same aisle – instead of being with canned fruits and vegetables, don’t ask me why – and lo and behold, it WAS on sale!  A small can was $0.78; and I had two coupons for $0.50/2, so vour cans cost me $1.06.


Off to condiments.  I had a coupon for French’s Mustard, which was not on sale but we are completely out.  I’m not one of those extreme couponers that snaps up 93 bottles of mustard just because I can; so we do run out of things from time to time.  LOL  I got two of the smaller bottles for $1 each, less the two $0.50/1 coupons; so I paid $1 for both.  I couldn’t find Heinz Vinegar at all; apparently MY Walmart doesn’t carry it.  That stack of coupons in my purse was growing bigger and bigger… I got two small bottles of Tabasco Sauce, regular price $1.24, minus $0.75/1, total for both bottles was $0.98.  I then went to grab some Mt. Olive Pickles, and found another reason to avoid this particular store; they, as so many other things, were NOT ON SALE.  Sale price was supposed to be $1.08, but the smallest ones I saw on the store shelf were $1.94.  I grabbed two anyway, we were out of those as well, and with the $0.75/1 coupons I paid $1.19 each (combined I paid $2.38).


I needed milk, so I went back to dairy and grabbed two gallons at $3.88 each.  I picked up two bottles of Hershey’s Syrup (25% free in each bottle, yay), $1.98 each but I had a coupon for $1/2 so I paid $2.96 for the two.  I also got two International Coffee Iced Coffees from the dairy case (ready to drink, no mixing necessary and SO yummy), they were $3.98 but I had two coupons for $0.75/1 so each was $3.23.  On the way back up front, I got five boxes of Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese, regular price $1.18.  I made out like a bandit on this one.  One box was free with a Macsurance coupon (special offer from Kraft on their Facebook page last month); and I had two BOGO printable coupons, max value $1.60.  When the clerk swiped the BOGO coupons, it gave me the FULL $1.60 off instead of the actual price of $1.18; so I ended up paying $1.52 for all five boxes.   I also stopped in the freezer section for Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers; while I had two coupons ($1/2), I only used one because the choices were mixed berry or strawberry banana, and I cannot STAND banana-flavored anything (except for actual bananas, or baked goods that use real bananas).  So I picked up two of the Smoothie Shakers for $1.50 each, and paid $2 for both after coupon.


My final stop was up front, by the bakery.  King’s Hawaiian Rolls were supposed to be on sale for $1.98; and I had a coupon for $1/1.  I think it can go without saying, at this point, that the coupon came back home with me; the rolls were regular price, $2.98.  To the checkout I went.  Everything scanned at the correct price (yes, I watch), and she had no problems with any of the coupons (for once).  Pre-coupon total was $50.56; I paid $28.58 plus tax, so I saved around 45%.  Considering that 1) I had things I needed and no coupon to use, 2) I had coupons for some items we needed that were not on sale, and 3) Walmart does not double or triple any coupons; I think I did pretty darn good.  But I also think I’ll be shopping at a different Walmart from now on…


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