Win a Hummingbird Sun Catcher!

<– Click the photo to go to the entry page!!


I am very excited! I was going to wait until my Facebook page had 500 followers, but I just can’t wait anymore. So here it is – my very first self-hosted giveaway! I am offering up, to one lucky follower, a pretty Hummingbird Sun Catcher! It’s not much, but seeing as it’s my first giveaway and I’m still a new blogger, I’m hoping that it will attract a few more followers to the blog and help me get to where I CAN offer up some much better prizes!


Just click on the picture above and you will be taken to the Facebook page to enter the contest! The contest will begin at midnight tonight (Tuesday, 7/17/12) EST, and will be open for one week. US and Canada residents only – I hope that, in the future, I can offer some worldwide giveaways, but for now it must be this way. Thanks for following my blog; I hope to be able to bring you some great things in the very near future!






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