My Binder

I actually stopped using coupons for several years.  I recently – only three months ago – decided to go back to it.  Shortly after cleaning out and restocking my binder, I found an even better binder on clearance at CVS.  Yes, I snapped it up, and rushed home with my find.  Like my older binder, the new one is also a full-sized zipper binder (I won’t bend on that, not having a zipper is a deal breaker for me), and also has a shoulder strap; but in addition to those features, it also has an inner divider section that is perfect for my printouts of store coupon and price match policies, as well as a smaller zipper section for pens or other smaller supplies.  

Yes, that’s a zipper pocket on the front.  I honestly have no use for it…yet… 

When you open the binder, this is on the left side.  What’s really nice about this feature is that there is a Velcro strap that comes over the opening, to prevent papers from falling out.  I’ve still got a couple of sections unused.  I don’t know what to put in there!  LOL  Here is a front and back view of one of my sorter sheets (the baseball card sheets), so you can see how I “backed” it (as I discussed in my previous post).  Some people will use each slot for two different coupons, one facing forward and the other backward.  I don’t like that for a couple of reasons.  One, it becomes a bit cumbersome to have to flip to the back side to see the coupons, remember which slot they’re in, and flip back to the front and try to weasel the coupons out from behind others.  Two, my sensory issues – being able to see through to sheets and coupons below the sheet I was open to was throwing me into sensory overload.



I am still trying to catch up on clipping and sorting my coupons from the Sunday papers (I buy three each week).  Lately I’ve just been taking the coupons I’ve ordered from various clippers and keeping them in my large wallet.  I have about three weeks’ worth of papers to clip!  I need to put backing onto my newer sorter sheets, and I want to tweak my sections a bit.  I am loving the new binder though.  While it’s not PERFECT, it’s pretty darn close and I can definitely live with it for a long time.  I love that I actually have features I don’t even need yet.  I’m seriously brainstorming to come up with how to use them.  LOL



In my next few posts, I will discuss some tips and tricks for those just starting out with couponing.  I still consider myself to be a newbie, because I was away from it for so long; but I hope that I can offer some good advice to those who are even newer than I am.  I will also get to work on a post that discusses some of the many apps available for your smart phones.  I personally use quite a few, but only a few are regularly used right now.  I’m still trying to get into a good routine with the apps.  So watch for those posts – and if you have any suggestions for those or any other posts, do feel free to contact me!  


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